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The Last Knife Fighter - Younger by the Rye

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The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health

We came down from the north
Blue ... Читать текст →

The knife - Keep The Streets Empty for Me

Memory comes when memory's old
I am ... Читать текст →

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Knife (Bonus Track)

You twist the knife
And I'll take the ... Читать текст →

Call the Cops - Gun And Knife

At the very dead end corner of the ... Читать текст →

The Knife - Ready to Lose

Thinking about a mouth that ... Читать текст →

Mortiis - Twist The Knife

Capture it, de-humanize it.
You ... Читать текст →

Rusty Cage - The Knife Game Song

Oh, I have all my fingers,
The knife ... Читать текст →

The Knife - Silent Shout (Original Mix)

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Oomph! - Turn The Knife

Oomph! - Turn the knife

I’m ... Читать текст →

The Knife - Oryx

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The Knife - Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)

A handful of elf pee -- that’s my soul ... Читать текст →

The Knife - Networking

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The Knife - Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Wrap your arms around me

I felt ... Читать текст →

The Knife - Marble House

I cut your nails and comb your hair
I ... Читать текст →

London Elektricity - Song In The Key Of Knife

Sorry but we don\'t have the lyrics to ... Читать текст →

Kyla La Grange - The Knife (The Dealer Remix)

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