Nick Holder - No More Dating DJs (Featuring Jemeni) текст песни

NO more dating djs
no more dating djs, mcs, producers, hiphop critics, radio hosts, etc

Wanted: a girl to date a dj

must have strong arms for heavy lifting
includes crates & my ego

looks not important to me
you will never look as good as the girls on my bootlegs, white labels & cd covers
but please try not to look uglier than any of my dj buddy's girlfriends
I really hate that


I like music,
long walks on any street that sells used records,
being a hater,
and I do like music

must be able to watch several hours of DMC World Championship video footage

PS: if you've never heard of dj rectangle,
please do not apply.

I'm done with dating rappers, mcs, djs,
I'm looking for a real nice rodger's cable guy
who thinks a technique is a way to make love to me

I was in love with your potential
I thought your hands were speaking to me

remember when we met an you were on that jungle brother's back to Africa trip?
you got me to throw away my rope chain
even took chemicals out my hair

you said you were my man
and we would be a strong black unit of change
but your mamma's basement was too small to oust a revolution

grown a** manbut why move out & get a job?
you said you were about to make some cheddar of all this rappin' & producin'
wait till you play me the new ssheee*t

you said the sexiest thing 'bout me besides my fat a**
was the way I made you think
& me and my fat a** was tickled pink
but now it seems that mic chords are the only things you tickle.

I'm tired of eating invisible scratch pickles

I stopped buying your mix tapes the day you said girls can't dj
because their inner ear is smaller and it throws off the mixes
[bleep] a guest list
after 3 years
I'm more than just a guest
but I guess you just aint know

I stopped analyzing your lyrics when you stopped listening to my radio show

and don't ever get it twist
I'm telling you
the worst groupies have di*ks
every guy i know can tell a story about a h* and a rap star

"I ain't hating, it's the truth dog, I witnessed it, I swear"

now your'e a man
at least for the groupie she about to give sex
you already passed your tape to the rapper
he's about to beat the things now
why are you still there?

and these groupie h*s
with their 5 minute hugs
I don't watch no face
but these girls take pleasure in provoking me

and I can't say [bleep]
I got to retaliate in silence
because the lanyard from your backstage pass keeps on choking me

and NO
I don't wanna hang out with the other dj girlfriends
they're adapters
automatic after-performance clappers
preparation-h for swollen ego [bleep] rappers
they adapt to any climate
given [bleep] about any time it seems appropriate

you take these girls for joke
skin tease like the two a you-all gon' live happy ever after
they study dinosaurs
we call them dino wh*res


cause that's what you call the girls who flock to the clubs on a saturday night
to do what she can to catch a toronto raptor
she's an adaptor

you can take you know yellow pagin' dubplate makin' body tricks
but personally
I'll pass

used to give a [bleep] about turntablism
but now you could basically
galloping scratch
my a**

I know I sound amplified
you can tell your friends
it's just
remember when you broke my face plate?

[bleep] the best mixer you ever had was a jemini

and it's not the dj
it's me for thinking he's listening to what he play
and the messages he's putting in the universe

but when really I th
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